Gene Taylors Gunnison Ski and Snowboard Rentals

What Type Of Skier Are You

Before we can prepare your equipment, you must classify yourself for skier type. Your individual information is very important. Inaccurate information may increase your risk of injury. Your skier type, height, weight, age and ski boot size are used to determine the release/retention settings of your ski bindings. Please be sure to provide accurate information.

Use these descriptions to determine your skier type:

Cautious skiing at lighter release/retention settings Moderate skiing at average release/retention settings Aggressive skiing at higher release/retention settings
  • Ski conservatively
  • Prefer slower speeds
  • Favor lower than average retention/release settings – this corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased releasability in a fall
  • TYPE I settings apply to entry level skiers uncertain of their classification
  • Ski moderately
  • Prefer a variety of speeds
  • Ski on varied terrain including most difficult trails
  • TYPE II skiers are those who do not meet all the descriptions of either Type II or III
  • Ski Aggressively
  • Normally ski at high speeds
  • Prefer steeper and more challenging terrain
  • This corresponds to decreased releaseability in a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of inadvertent binding release